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People think that ice is unyielding, but if you’re precise, if you’re focused and calm, it can give your skates wings.



Juneau, AK



Sergei Maslov



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Ethan Pasternak was born on November 1, 1998 in Juneau, Alaska and learned to skate at the tender age of two. His parents, Fiona and Piotr, brought him to the city rink during summers and Mendenhall Lake in the winter. A child prodigy, Ethan surprised all the local skate club instructors when he performed a double axel at only five years of age. Mrs. Pasternak has often recalled that Ethan seemed more comfortable on skates than on his feet. Ethan was always dedicated to the sport, spending up to six hours each day skating.

He drew the attention of renowned coach Sergei Maslov as the youngest competitor in the 2010 Pacific Northwest Skating Championships. Under Mr. Maslov’s training, Ethan has become widely recognized as one of the world’s most talented young skaters to date. Ethan enjoys traveling and competing, but loves coming back home to skate by the Juneau Ice Fields. His fondest and earliest memory is skating on Mendenhall Lake in late January 2002. Weaving figure-eights at dusk, he listened to his skates echo against the calm, ancient glacier. From that moment forward, Ethan never wanted to leave the ice.





2016 - Present

The Onion

Senior Social Media Manager

I managed the social media for The Onion and ClickHole.

Social Media Manager

I managed the social media for The Onion.


2015 - 2016

Ignite Social Media

Social Media Content Producer

I was a community manager and content producer at Ignite Social Media, which was recognized as the 2016 Social Agency of the Year at the Corporate Social Media Awards.

Social Media Community Manager

In my role as Content Producer, I served as the liaison between clients and their consumers. I represented our clients’ voices by creating dynamic, engaging content for social media channels.

I worked on many brands in various industries, and created engaging content in different voices. Some of the brands I worked on include Club Carlson, Country Inn & Suites, Crest, FoodMaxx, Frito-Lay, Go Red for Women, Hallmark, Hyundai Hope On Wheels, Lucky, Luvs Diapers, Nestle Damak, On The Border, Oral-B, Park Inn by Radisson, Park Plaza, Radisson, SaveMart, Softsoap, and Walgreens.


2013 - 2015

Marygrove College

Social Media Specialist

I managed the social media for Marygrove College, a Catholic liberal arts in Detroit, for approximately two years. I also managed the social media for Marygrove's Master in the Art of Teaching program.

After taking over Marygrove College's social media, Marygrove’s total composite numbers grew over 380%. Marygrove's Facebook "likes" surpassed other Michigan colleges of comparable size, such as Southwest Michigan College, University of Detroit Mercy, and Adrian College. Through a combination of my efforts, as well as the efforts of the rest of my marketing team, in Fall 2013 Marygrove College saw the biggest student intake in over 20 years.


2013 - 2014


Social Media Manager

I managed the social media for TaskEasy, a tech start-up located in Salt Lake City. Because TaskEasy was such a new company, I was responsible for building TaskEasy’s social media marketing from the ground up. Under my management, TaskEasy’s online presence grew substantially: from 70 Facebook likes and 250 Twitter followers to over 20,000 Facebook likes and 3,000 Twitter followers.



Gary Johnson 2012

Director of Social Media

I was the Director of Social Media for Gov. Gary Johnson's 2012 Presidential Election. I managed, edited, and ghostwrote all the content for Gov. Johnson's social media's channels, which was broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people.

Gov. Johnson trended nationally on Twitter several times, due to a series of "Twitter bombs" that I and my team orchestrated. I also organized his AMA ("Ask Me Anything") sessions on Reddit, which resulted in Gov. Johnson's AMA becoming Reddit's top post: one of the most popular websites on the Internet. 

During my time as the National Social Media Director, Gov. Johnson's online presence doubled on nearly every social media platform. In fact, a Forbes article on Gov. Johnson's social media efforts at the time wrote "Gary Johnson’s social media audience is significant . . . his following [on Google+] even outpaces Mitt Romney’s."





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Ethan won his first championship title at age fourteen in 2012. It had been his first time traveling outside Alaska. Seeing a city like Seattle for the first time and competing with other talented skaters really motivated him to try something different with his routine. Mr. Maslov trusted the young teen and helped him practice at night. Ethan took home 2nd place with a double Axel, double toe-loop combo. However, due to his unconventional music choice, “Long River” by Aurora Falls, the judges only gave him an 8.9 score.

Undeterred, Ethan continued to bring his talent and unique vision to the ice. During his performance at the West Coast Championships in 2014, he gracefully executed a triple Salchow followed by a flying combination spin. Choreographed to Nayantara Kani’s “Vibravado”, Ethan’s performance landed him 1st place with a score of 9.7.

At the 2016 U.S.A. Championships Ethan took home first place by performing a quad lutz-triple toe loop combination. He ended the performance on a level 4 spin with a +3 grade of execution. By setting traditional choreography against Gravity’s rock-infused cover of Nocturne, Ethan earned a score of 9.9.

Currently, Ethan is working on the quadruple Axel, a move that has yet to be successfully implemented by any skater. So far he is 3.85 turns in.

Since 2012, the Pasternak Foundation has supported after-school figure skating programs in public schools.


All children deserve a chance to express themselves on the ice, regardless of socio-economic background. Quisque bibendum blandit tellus, a ultrices purus elementum sed. Aenean et lectus risus. Phasellus in libero in libero ullamcorper ultrices. Aliquam in nibh lectus. Cras diam magna, ornare sed enim sed, faucibus porta eros. Etiam finibus ac diam in consequat. Nunc quam lectus, dapibus ut ornare nec, condimentum id massa. Nullam aliquam justo vitae vestibulum vehicula. Mauris vel dolor vitae est imperdiet convallis. Pellentesque justo massa, viverra id risus et, fermentum facilisis elit. Sed quis scelerisque justo, non euismod arcu. Pellentesque id urna libero. Cras sit amet vulputate est. Sed a malesuada tortor.

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